The Australian Football League, better known as Aussie Rules, is a popular sport among Australians with millions of locals showing up to support its tournaments annually. This is a high contact sport, so injuries are quite common. Most injuries happen during high speed running, kicking, tackling and colliding. It is possible and essential to work on football injury prevention tactics so that players can be safe on the field.


Being prepared is the best way to prevent an injury since one is aware of their surroundings. A tour around the field is an excellent way of doing it and also taking part in exercises before the game. Proper pre-season training will help players work on their flexibility, agility, stamina, strength and balance.

Ensure the Environment is Safe

Making sure that the field is safe is a key tactic football injury prevention during the match. The game’s administration should hire cleaners and groundsmen to take care of the area so that players are sure they are playing on safe grounds. Cricket patches should be covered around the footy field. If there are fences around, they should be at least three metres before the boundary.

Tips Before the Match

Before players go in for the official match, they should make sure that they have their sunscreen on, had a balanced diet and taken enough water. The team’s jersey and sports shoes should also be appropriate. Every team member should know the rules by memory to ensure a fair play. Warm-ups are also quite essential to keep players active.

Tips During the Match

Every player should ensure that they have their mouth guards on throughout the game. If any of them has a history of ankle, knee and head injuries, they should have the right protective gear on such as helmets, thigh protectors and ankle braces. Umpires should keep their eyes open so that no team misbehaves.