Small Australian Rules Football Clubs are an important community and sporting hubs. They offer many social and community benefits, as well as team camaraderie which may not be present at bigger clubs.


Small Australian Rules Football Clubs rely on the patronage of every member, as well as the player’s good results to make an impact on the sport. They not only need money from members and visitors but also need them to perform volunteer duties for the club to ensure the club works efficiently. The teams also know that the decisions of people can change a small club’s fortunes because broader responsibilities are given to some important players and people across the club. The small club feeling and knowing many important people in the club makes for more camaraderie and close knit friendships.


Every time a team wins, there is a feeling of accomplishment and exuberance for players and team members. However, a small Australian Rules Football Club knows that a victory can make their club more popular and profitable. So, a win is much more celebrated and the losses can be depressing for a small club. Clubs even risk being relegated or experience less popularity from the public for many years.

Watching Sport

Betting on games is a lot of fun and betting on sports can be made while watching Live stream Unibet TV at the club or at home. This can be done by accessing the website on an Android device or iPhone. It is even possible to watch sports and bet while watching a game of Australian Rules at a small club. It is a great way to enjoy the quarter breaks with friends.

Small Australian Football Clubs survive on their coattails because of their financial and operational vulnerability. Players and members take on more responsibility because they know that the victories can make a club more popular in the future.