The Australia rules football (AFL) is a winter league game that is comparable to tough sports like soccer and rugby. Just like these two games, players always sustain and are susceptible to injuries during the game. Most of the injuries sustained in the AFL can easily be prevented, especially if the management decides to conduct a screening exercise on the players. Small Australian Rules football clubs may not have the resources to hire a full time physician but they can take precautions to prevent injuries.

They can determine if a player has a high risk of sustaining an injury especially if they had such injuries previously or other factors are at play like age, hip joint stiffness and poor jumping. Players at the AFL are likely to sustain the following injuries:

Muscle Strains

Many players are likely to sustain this type of injury in the game because of the sudden increase and decrease of the speed at which the body moves. The areas that commonly show the soft tissue strain are the calf, groins, hamstring, quads and the shoulders.


This injury is one of the most difficult because it takes a while to heal. It is as a result of the dysfunction of the tendon and even after it heals, there is always a likelihood that it can reoccur. Players affected by tendinopathy usually experience it in areas such as the Achilles, the knee and the rotator cuff.

Back injuries

Back injuries are very common in Australian Rules football games and they can be very severe to the point that the player may need to go to rehab for treatment. The back pain may be a leading symptom to more severe injuries.

Joint injuries

When it comes to the joints the areas that are always affected are either the knee or shoulder. The injury could either be a simple sprain or complex cases of dislocation or rupture of the ligament.

How can these injuries be prevented?

The injuries sustained at the Australian Rules football are usually treated using these methods:

1. Physiotherapy:

In this case, the player will be rehabilitated. The physiotherapist prescribes treatment such as massages, manipulation, exercises and taping

2. Acupuncture & Dry Needling:

This is a Chinese therapy used for pain relief. It involves sticking needles on the skin to help relieve muscle pain and also to release tight muscles.

3. Medication

Medication is another treatment that is administered to players when they sustain injuries. In cases where there is an inflammation, doctors may administer anti-inflammatory drugs either topically or orally.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a routine is normally done by many players every week. It helps to keep them relaxed and to improve their flexibility.

5. Orthotics

It is a shoe insert that helps improve joint alignment and general movement of the foot.

A player can reduce the chances of sustaining injuries during the game if they are able to do the following:

1. Observe regular warm-up exercises

2. Observing a good diet and drinking a lot of water to reduce dehydration

3. Staying off alcohol

4. Wearing the proper gear or accessories for safety before going into the game

5. Making sure the play area is safe and free from objects that can cause any injury

Although there are always chances of injuries occurring during the Australian Rules football, it is better to take these precautions to manage the risk of these injuries occurring during the game.