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Assistant Coach

May 2010

The Nightcliff Football Club is pleased to announce Territory Thunder Assistant Coach Glenn Humphreys has been appointed the League Coach for the next 2 years.

Following an extensive selection process it was considered that Glenn with his football experience, his apprenticeship under Michael MacLean and Mark Motlop and now assisting Murray Davis, he had the necessary credentials to lift the Nightcliff Football Club.

A great deal of work had commenced during the past season with business personnel on the Nightcliff Football Club committee completing a business plan aptly named “Clawing Back”. This plan centres on lifting Nightcliff into the finals and ultimately to winning its first grand final in over 40 years.

The selection panel saw Glenn as the best fit for the club as part of the “Clawing Back” business plan given his current knowledge of contemporary football philosophies, training regimes and his ability to enhance the skills through coaching and mentoring young men.   

The Nightcliff Football Club certainly thanks Mark Motlop for his tireless work over the past 3 years as Coach, but also over many years as a club veteran player and past Coach.

The Nightcliff Football Club acknowledges the difficult times faced by Mark and has the utmost respect for Mark in the development of many players who have gone on to play football both at interstate level and at Territory Thunder level probably at the detriment of our playing group’s success. Mark and the Motlop name are synonymous with the Nightcliff Football Club we wish him and his family well.

Club President, Costa Karaolias has commented that The Nightcliff Football Club will continue to work vigorously to ensure our sponsors and supporters are repaid for their continued support.

The Club will, with the newly appointed senior coach, now begin interviewing applicants for the Reserves, U18’s, 16’s, 15’s, 14’s and 13’s coaching positions.