Australian rules football, which is also known as Australian football or Aussie rules, is a close-contact sport which is played on an oval-shaped pitch, usually modified from a cricket field. Each team gracing the Aussie rules must field a group of 18 players. First played in May 1859, Aussie rules has grown to be the sport with the highest TV viewership and spectator attendance in Australia. Players should kick the oval ball between goalposts to score six points or behind posts to earn one point.

Match Duration

Each game in the Australian football league consists of four 20-minute quarters. The timekeeper stops the clock when a goal is scored when the ball is out of bounds, or when a player is injured. Quarters may extend by up to 10 minutes, after which a rest of six minutes is allowed. There is a 20-minute rest at half-time.

Moving the Ball in Australian Rules Football

Players are allowed to stand anywhere in the field when the play is on. They can move the ball using any of their body parts. Most players, though, tend to kick or carry the ball and run down the field with it.

Rules in Australian Football

First, no player should be caught holding the ball, as we may see in Euro venues in the coming months. Next, the player running with the ball must ensure that it touches or bounces off the ground. Throwing the ball during play is prohibited. In Aussie footy, players are allowed to use their hands or the whole body to tackle the opponent.

Penalties in Aussie Football

Despite making use of any body part in Australian rules football, players are highly discouraged from intentionally slowing down the game and making dangerous physical contact, such as pushing other players from the back. The match official may suspend the offender, or award the other team distance penalties or free kicks.