History of Australian rule football

Australian rule football commonly referred to as Australian football is a common game in Australia which is played by two teams of eight players each on an oval field where in most common cases is a modified cricket field. Scoring between goal posts earns you six point while scoring the behind the post earns the team a point. Just as in rugby, the players position themselves anywhere on the field and they can move the oval ball using either their hands or other any part of the body to move the ball.

Rules of the game

For the amateur leagues there are no riles that determine the dimensions of the field but for senior leagues the field should be 135 to 185 meters long and 110 to 115 meters wide from one wing to another. Only a maximum of 18 players from both teams are allowed in the field at any given time and only four substitutions are allowed in a game.

The game is played for 80 minutes which are divided into four quarters with each quarter lasting 20 minutes. Time is stopped when there is a score, player is injured or when the ball goes out and the match duration time differs from the professional level of a league or tournament. In case of a draw during a competitive match, the game goes to extra time or a rematch is played after a week.

Teams in the Australian rule football leagues

The AFL is considered as the National Sporting Organization for Australian rule football by the Australia Sports Commission and it is responsible for Unibet Sports Offer as well as organizing the leagues that run across the country and on different professional levels. See current quotes here. In the country there are seven territory/state organizations with most hosting annual semi-professional leagues. Some of the teams that participate in different territories include but not limited to;

NightCliff Football Club

Also known as Tigers, the club was established in 1950 and it participates in the Northern Territory Football League. The club has participated in the league ever since its formation when it was known as the Housing and Working team. In this territory the season begins in October and the finals are played in March of the following year.

St Mary’s Football Club

The club is nicknamed the saints and it plays its home games at Football Park in Marrara. It’s considered as the most successful club in the Northern Territory with 32 premiership titles to its name with the most recent being the 2016/17 title. The club has also produced many players who have participated in top leagues and competitions.

Darwing Football Club

Established in 1917, the club also is a member of the Northern Territory league and it’s based in Marrara and it’s the second most successful club in the league with 23 titles. Both the men and women teams of the club participate in the league with the women team winning the 2016/17 grand finals. The club is nicknamed the “Buffalos” and Tio stadium is its home ground.

Wanderers Football Club

Based in Marrara the team was founded in 1916 as a founding member of the Northern Territory Football League. Tio Stadium is the clubs home ground and the club has won a total of 12 premierships. Most notable Australian Football League professionals to have their roots with the club include Russell Jeffrey, Mark West, Steven Motlop among others.