Small and upcoming clubs do not lack challenges of growth. These challenges affect the clubs and the players themselves. In Australia, there are smaller clubs for the Australian Rules football aside from the national clubs. These small clubs face different challenges which include the following:

Financial Challenge

The financial support of these small clubs is minimal. This shortage is as a result of the presence of the major teams. Sponsors of the games focus on these big teams, and the small ones barely get their support. The small clubs have to put extra efforts to get any form of financial aid. This aspect makes it challenging for these clubs in facilitating their activities.

Lack of Professional Trainers

Most professional trainers are always eyeing on the big clubs. When they fail to secure a position in these clubs, they join the small clubs as their other option. This becomes challenging since such trainers do not last in such clubs. They leave with any available chance they get since their primary intentions are not for staying in small clubs. As a result, players in the small clubs lack consistency in their training which makes their career development challenging.

Lack of Exposure

Generally, Australian Rules football is popular in Australia. It has not yet gained international popularity. For this reason, players in the small clubs lack competitive exposure since they only compete among themselves. They lack the opportunity to face new teams to challenge them. This can be less motivating especially to those aspiring to soar in greater heights.

Racial Discrimination

The origin of this game is in Australia. Before one can join a national team, they have to start somewhere. Some of these small clubs accept new talents from all over and are determined to nurture them. However, there are instances these players are faced with racial discrimination when joining the big teams. To the small clubs, this becomes a big blow after directing their limited resources to such promising talents, only to face discrimination.

Poor Salaries

Small clubs are not able to give their players a good pay. As a result, these players are unable to meet some of their needs. As compared to their counterparts, their salaries are way below them. However, these clubs give the best support they can to these players to ensure they do not live in mystery.

Lack of Adequate Facilities

Small clubs face challenges in getting proper facilities such training pitches, uniforms, and playing equipment. Such inadequacy is limiting to exploiting the full potential of their players. They affect their schedules and even their performance. Facility is a core factor in every operation and is what define the results.

Lack of Community Support

Australian Rules football is seen as a dangerous game to participate in. As a result, parents prohibit their children from taking part in the game. This action is challenging as many small clubs end up having insufficiency of players. As the old players advance their careers, a gap in these clubs is left, and it becomes difficult to replace the gaps they leave behind. Most parents feel that their children should only participate in less aggressive sports like cricket or soccer.

Although small Australian Rules football clubs face many challenges, they still fight to survive. Their role in keeping this game alive is undoubtedly the most outstanding.