Australian football is obviously not the most popular form of football in the world. Actually, many people who come across the sport, think that it is a recent invention. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, however, Australian rules football is one of the oldest sporting disciplines, with the first code having been published in Melbourne in 1858. The game is popular within Australia and several other countries. Other sports with close resemblance to Australian rules football are rugby and American football.

Many institutions and clubs play the game competitively, and have significant popularity, and fan following.

This site, however, focuses on small clubs, that are keeping the essential elements of the game alive. Like many other sports, Australian professional rules have been swallowed by the commercial aspect and lost much of its originality. In most pro leagues, for example, results are more important than the display of talent. Buying of outstanding players takes the place of talent growth.

Small clubs do not face this pressure and are able to keep the game exciting. They are the places where local players’ talents are first discovered and sharpened. Most locals pass through one of the small clubs in their locality before they either go pro or leave football altogether. These small clubs are the social fabric of the places within which they exist.

Due to an early connection, most people feel loyalty to their hometown clubs, even in the days of their adulthood. The stadiums also offer an excellent place for families and friends to come together and enjoy the outdoors during the weekends.

On here, we take you through all these club experiences in a way that will definitely remind you of your childhood days and, if you are away, make you miss home.

Is Australian football a new concept to you? Don’t fret. We also have a dedicated section, where we will make you understand, and fall in love with, the game. Get to understand what it is all about; the rules, the number of players, type of equipment etc. By the end of this ride, you will wish you had known about this sport earlier.

We also get to look at some of the challenges that face these small clubs in the modern era. Nowadays, for example, kids don’t appreciate the role of their home club as a stepping stone and are impatient to reach the top ranks. Are sponsors willing to put their money in local clubs, when they can get better deals elsewhere? What is the state of training facilities for small clubs? We look at all these challenges, and how clubs can overcome them.

For Australian rules football to take over the world, the first responsibility will fall on small clubs. This will require them to keep churning out players, who can go out and spread the game to the world. In places where it is new, the game will have to start with other small clubs and progress up the ranks.

We are quite sure that your experience here will make you fall in love with the game, and want to be part of its story. Feel welcome to explore all pages of this site. Should you feel the need to make a contribution to the story, or seek clarification on any grey area, feel free to hit us on the comments or contact section!